Penis Irritation

Penis irritation rash can afflict almost any part of the penis right from the shaft to the head of the organ. While sometimes these rashes are indicative of serious sexually transmitted diseases, at other times they may be a simple allergic reaction.

Genital irritation on penis is a very common problem and most men have suffered it at some time or the other. When seeking a treatment against genital irritation, it is important to first identify the cause of the problem. Chronic irritation of the penis can be caused due to allergies, hereditary problems, sexually transmitted diseases, unhygienic clothing and cleanliness levels, bladder infections, skin cancer, trauma and so on. Men can suffer a variety of symptoms when afflicted by these rashes. A burning sensation while urinating, small pus filled boils on the area, blood in the urine, ulcers on the shaft or the head of the penis, swollen foreskin and also a white flaky patch of skin are all results of genital irritation on penis.

Treatment for the problem can range from the use of antibiotic creams to even something as drastic as surgery or castration. The basis of the treatment will depend largely on the extent of the problem. In case the problem is a STD such as herpes one may not have much choice apart from seeking symptomatic relief, since the problem is not permanently treatable. Steroid creams are also known to be very effective in treating such rashes. Ice packs and warm compresses do help provide symptomatic relief in some cases of penile rashes.

Since the penile area is highly sensitive, chronic irritation of the penis can cause serious discomfort and therefore it is important that one learns the prevention techniques when it comes to these rashes. Water intake and proper hygiene is very important. Avoiding irritating substances like tight underwear, lubes that react with the skin, etc will help prevent these rashes too. Using condoms during sexual activity helps ensure that STDs are not transferred from one person to another. In case of babies, it will help to expose the area to air and change the diapers frequently. Avoid using excessive drying agents such are soap around your penis since this tends to aggravate the problem rather than pacify it.

Penis irritation rash can be very uncomfortable and sometimes tends to grow into more serious complications like urethra infections etc, and therefore this problem demands immediate medical attention.

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