Chronic Irritation

Chronic IrritationChronic irritation rash is a name given to any rash that may occur periodically again and again on the same area of the body. These rashes can occur in almost any part of the body but mostly strike the skin of the underarms, eyelids, face, penis, vagina and even the groin area. Strangely this rash does not grow to other parts of the body and keeps afflicting the same patch over and over again.

There are several causes for these rashes and right from eczema, dermatitis to even dandruff or scabies, almost anything can results in a chronic rash. The course of the treatment varies in accordance with the cause of the problem and therefore seeking a diagnosis is imperative.

Skin irritation is one of the most common problems of chronic rashes. Right from a pins and needles sensation to a full blown rash with boils, the ailment can take on almost any manifestation. There are times when the problem seems to occur without any stimulator at all, while at other times, the rash is seen as an allergic reaction to certain foods or climatic conditions, etc. The correct diagnosis is very important when treating such skin irritation. Performing a biopsy may help identify the cause of the problem and thus seek an effective cure. Steroid based creams and oral medications are usually the most sought out cures when looking to treat these problems.

In the case of eye irritation, a chronic rash can make matters very serious. The symptoms may range from slight redness in the eye to itchy eyes, teary eyes and also intense eye pain. Again here the causes of eye irritation may vary largely though smoke, eye make up, contact lenses usage are known to be the common irritants for the eyes. If ignored the problem could even affect the vision of the patient. Conjunctivitis, sties, eyelid cysts are a few common problems that cause chronic irritation in the eyes. The treatment usually involves eye drops and eye ointments too.

Penis irritation is another common problem of chronic irritation and though not always as serious as an STD, it can be very annoying. The itchiness can be caused due to several reasons like moisture, reaction with a lube, underwear allergies, etc. Vitamin A creams, bacterial ointments and even zinc oxide ointments are known to be very helpful in curing the problem. Some people respond well to the Neosporin powder too. Penis irritation can sometimes even lead to urethra ailments and must be given their due attention. Similarly rashes occurring periodically in the vagina also demand immediate attention and could be indicative of more serious issues like vaginal cancer too.

Irrespective of where chronic irritation rash occurs, it is very important to actively seek a cure for the problem, since more often than not, the chances of it turning into a more severe ailment are rather high.

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